I miss the old days….

Whats up with cartoons these days? I miss the days when we could watch two animals chase each other and not even need words to find every part of it funny. Some kids don’t even know who Scooby Doo is!Cartoons have become like junkies. Overly colored and laid on thick with sexual innuendos. Not saying that old school cartoons weren’t riddled with them, they were just better hidden and you had to be over fourteen to actually get them. Take Spongebob for instance, although it has been around for longer than some of the newer ones. But there is no intelligence behind this show. It’s all jokes that any one can get with any IQ, there isn’t much thought behind them. Not to mention that after a while, it’s all pretty much the same joke. But Pinky and the Brain, thats classic. Witty comments mixed with silly stupidity. A little something for every one, and I have yet to meet any one who didn’t like Dexter’s Lab. What was wrong with the original 151 Pokemon? In fact, I prefer them to most of the other 498 of them. Really guys, its become overkill. I mean, it should be sin that most kids don’t know what a Tasmanian devil is.

Classic comics are another thing all together. If I’m babysitting your kid, you’d better have taught him who Calvin & Hobbes were. That was the only good part about the newspaper! I remember waking up in the morning, going with my grandfather to get the mail, and waiting anxiously at his feet for him to finish the “funnies” section just so I could get to those comics. Sure we have Spiderman, Superman, and (the best) Batman. But what about the old stuff? I know people MY AGE who have no idea who Hagar the Horrible is. We’re lucky kids these days know who the Peanut gang is because of wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas reruns of Charlie Brown.

Any way, I’m ranting again. But seriously, bring back the old stuff. Shit was good..


Oh yeah, for Calvin and Hobbes fun go here…



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