Old Masters

There is something to be said about Old Masters of art. They really knew their stuff. I mean really knew it.

Recently, I’ve been dealing with a problem in my art career. Since moving to California, and not having any art classes to keep me on my toes, I have not produced as much art as I, being an aspiring artist and art major, should have. Things haven’t been as inspiring as they’ve been in the past. A very troubling problem indeed.
When discussing this problem with my father, a man who isn’t the most immersed person in art, he told me this, “You’re in school. Right now, making art isn’t your job, learning the process is. Instead of stressing over how you’re going to make money with you’re art, you should be copying the old artists. It will improve your skill and at the same time, you’ll be making art. It’s what they did.”

What? Are you serious? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

But when I really thought about it, he made perfect sense. What better way to improve your skill than to copy those who’ve perfected it? It was truly inspiring.

So here’s my imitation. Definitely not an old master but I am quite find of Daniel Merriam and his very exotic and beautiful paintings.


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