Art Classes

ImageWhy is it that every art class starts the exact same way? A color wheel, gray scale chart, tints, tones, and the exact same thing every time.

I understand that it might be the first art class for some people but really, live it up a little. It always starts the same.

Create a ten step (or eleven, or twelve, or whatever) scale going from white to black. Then create your basic color wheel with primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

I understand the purpose, and I even understand why it’s important. But does it have to be the exact same thing every time? What about a color triangle? Image

Or even better, color butterflies!

Anything would be better than the same old thing done time after time. Its enough to make a real artist bonkers!

I vow, if teaching is ever the career path that art leads me down, the typical color wheel will NOT be the first assignment I ever give. I want students I teach to look forward to class, to enjoy what their doing, and most of all, I want them to want to create art.

Over the years of taking art classes, I find that there are few art teachers that want to inspire students. If I become a teacher, I want to inspire some one to follow down my path. To be able to enjoy the beauty in life and want to recreate it with a passion that I hope I myself never loose.

If I have anything at all to say right now, it’s get out there and make some art!

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