A Place Where Dreams Are Made….

Don’t you just love www.etsy.com ?

It’s absolutely beautiful. Everything there is so pretty, and even when you order it, it stays that pretty. I can go on that site and just day dream about what I’d imagine my life to be. For instance, I like going to the wedding section under handmade items and just imagining if I could have that fairy tale wedding. I mean look at this thing:

NecklaceIts like stepping straight out of a Jane Austen book, which of course I know plenty of girls thing would be amazing.

Then, to top it all off, every time I have bought something from here, they’ve always sent me a personal message asking if I liked it. How good is that service?

Did I mention its the perfect place for gifts? I have the hardest time buying gifts for people and here, it’s simple as pie. Lets take a moment: mmmm, pie.


Its truly a website for the unique. For the people who want everything (that some one else doesn’t have). Not to mention, it’s a way for people to get their crafts recognized. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get my fame as an artist from Etsy.


For the link to that beautiful necklace made by treasures570, just click the picture. :]

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