A tangled tangled mess

Woah! If you’re like me, you love jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anything that sparkles. I’ve got to have it. Yet my biggest reason for not buying any work of art that goes around my phalanges, besides being a college student and not having any money, is the fact that I have absolutely no where to put my jewelry. Things just become impossibly tangled and usually just end up in the trash out of frustration.
For me, jewelry boxes are too much work. Pulling things out of the boxes. Not to mention, my things usually get tangled in there too. I want to be able to see everything at once and make a good decision on my choices for the day.
There are so many DIY sites on creating beautiful jewelry racks that I look at and dream of one day creating but when you’re a full time working student, who has the time? I want one now! And that’s where the beautiful world of Etsy comes along.
This Jewelry Organizer made by BlackForestCottage is absolutely beautiful. So maybe one day, when I’ve got the money, I’ll allow myself to buy one. But until then I suppose it’s tangled jewelry for me.


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3 thoughts on “A tangled tangled mess

  1. To bad your birthday just passed!

  2. I’m a jewelry junkie myself, the more sparkly and big and obnoxious the better. I put rings, pendants and hoop earrings in antique saucers, hang smaller hook earrings from martini glasses, and hang the larger hook earrings on an organizer my mom got me, but I’ve also used martini glasses for those (you just have to put pennies in the glass or something to weigh it down, or make sure your big earrings are balanced). It’s always the necklaces that I seem to tangle in to the crazy mess so I’m still working on the best solution for those. Next time you hit the thrift store, go in with “jewelry organizer” goggles. Best of luck scoring one of these type tray organizers! = )

    • I could probably make one fairly easy but time is just not something I have very much of. Right now I’ve hung wooden sushi mat over a pole and I stick my earrings in that. It works for now but it falls occasionally and makes a mess. Haha.

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