Five Reasons Why the Airport Sucks

And they all happened in one day.

Let me start off with a little back story so this makes more sense. For the past month and a half I’ve been in Texas because I needed to get surgery on my knee. This is already pretty sucky because this is my second time getting this surgery and it isn’t cheap. Not to mention I now have to wear this huge cumbersome brace that screams cripple to every one who sees me. So this is how my airport experience for the trip back home starts.

1. Not a single Airline is reliable.

-Because I am currently a cripple, United was supposed to have someone waiting for me at my connecting flight so that I wouldn’t have to walk so far and wouldn’t miss my flight. Like that actually happened.

2. Airports are gigantic and confusing.

-Since no one was there to pick me up I had to limp what felt like a mile to my next flight until some nice soul found me and gave me a lift on the cart to my next flight (found out later he was the one who was supposed to be waiting for me but he took a cigarette break.

3. Most of the flight assistants (the ones you meet before you actually get on the plane) are not understanding.

-Once I did finally make it to my connecting flight, they told me it was too late to board the plane. After glaring at her and pointing to my leg she stated, “That isn’t my problem honey.” How unfortunate.

4. Airlines have a tendency to schedule flights that are almost impossible to make.

-Not only do I have a crippled leg to account for things taking longer, they scheduled my first flight to land and my connecting flight to leave ten minutes later. I don’t know if any of you readers have ever been to the Houston airport, but thats almost impossible. Even for a person with to properly working legs.

5. When shit does hit the fan, they aren’t very organized when needed to fix it.

-Missed my flight, then on top of everything else, lost my phone. When to customer service and told them that the last time I had it, I was riding on the cart to my flight. It took them an hour to track down the man who was driving it and another half hour to find the phone. Lucky for me, my backup flight they put me on wasn’t boarding for another hour.

All in all, not a very satisfying day. However, what I can say about the whole thing, is that besides that one lady, the people at the customer service desk were very nice and accommodating. I don’t always approve of how intense technology is getting but just this one time I’ll say praise iPhones. With the ladies at customer service, and my father using the “find my iPhone” service, we were able to track it down and wanna know where it was hiding? It had fallen in between the batteries, under the seat, of the cart that had picked me up. Any other phone and it would have been gone for good.

Bonus: They gave me a voucher for a food vendor in the airport and I got myself some Butter Pecan ice cream in a waffle cone. That almost made up for all of it.

Have any of you ever had a bad airport experience? Leave a comment, I’d like to hear it. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why the Airport Sucks

  1. First, how did you injure the leg in the first place? If I may ask.

    I can’t say I’ve had such misfortune. But, I did have a frightening and slightly bothersome time going overseas. I couldn’t clear my ears which were building with pain from the altitude. So, when I had to go through security to the connecting flight from Atlanta, I had trouble hearing…and this continued overseas when I had to navigate bilingual stations in a place I had never been before (not to mention this was my first overseas trip). I’ve had nosebleeds. I once was coming back from Texas and thought I’d be stuck at the airport when they said the plane was full (I didn’t know what was the norm of protocol…didn’t know if I’d have to pay for an extra ticket or whatever). On that first overseas trip, I had a 3 hour layover/wait til my next flight which was slightly taxing/unnerving only because–being a very nervous traveler with ear pain and poor social skills, I had little to occupy my mind. [Thank goodness for Burger King and crossword puzzles.] It was a 9 hour flight overnight which was rather uncomfortable with little to no leg room and me unable to sleep during some of the crappiest movies they could have made:P What else…what else… Oh, and on the way back from Europe, I was the “random search winner” who had to be taken aside by security who went through every article in my bags, including my dirty underwear and treasures.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. As for the big airport panic, I was actually surprised how easy most of the airports I’ve been through were to navigate. It helped a bit to see a map in advance (found online). But, overseas airports are another story.

    • That certainly is a great deal of things to happen to you! Goodness, I can only imagine how awful it must have been to have people speaking a foreign language to you and not even really being able to hear them.

      Back in 2009 I tore my ACL and had gotten cadaver surgery. Apparently that hadn’t taken so I had to get my ACL replaced again. This time with a patella transfer.

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