Annunciation, Simone Martini – Short Analysis


by Simone Martini

Some traits of the International Gothic Style seen in Martini’s Annunciation are things like the frame. The frame of this painting has “intricate ornamentation” that is very similar to Gothic style architecture. The heavy use of gold in this painting reveals that Martini wants to portray this subject as other worldly, something which was widely done during the Gothic era because religion was so important during that time. Vivid colors were another trait of this style and this was because the patron of this painting wanted the work to be grandiose and expensive (more vivid colors required more expense to create). Another example of a trait of International Gothic Style is how royal the Virgin looks. The purpose of this was to appeal to the patron, someone who was an aristocrat. International Gothic Style was also seen to be more stylized instead of naturalistic, though figures did show emotions instead of being stoic, and this is seen in Annunciation. Another trait this style is known for is its use of symbols. For example, in Martini’s Annunciation, the vase of white lilies is a symbol for the Virgins purity.

(Photo retrieved from Wikipedia)

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